No-Spill<sup>®</sup> Gas Can Testimonial
Fall 2019

The CSA certified No-Spill® gas cans cans are a recent addition to the STIHL accessory line-up. Available in 5 and 10 litre configurations, the containers are popular amongst both professionals and homeowners. With their patented, easy to use push button spout, the cans virtually eliminate the risk of overspill. We were able to catch up with a STIHL professional tool user, who was able to provide a testimonial regarding the No-Spill® gas cans.

  • Q. How long have you been using the No-Spill® gas cans?
    A. For the past 5 years.
  • Q. What type of equipment do you fill using the cans?
    A. Chain saws and brushcutters.
  • Q. Do you consider the push button spout easy to use?
    A. Really easy to use and effective.
  • Q. How would you rate the stability of the can when placed in a trailer or in the back of a pick-up?
    A. Rarely tips over, would rate it a 9/10.
  • Q. The No-Spill® gas cans have many features such as the push button spout, wide view stripes and a large neck opening. Which of these features, or perhaps another not mentioned, would you list as your favourite?
    A. The large opening makes it easy to fill, but the most important feature is definitely the push button.
  • Q. How would you describe the gas can flow rate?
    A. Fast enough, but not too fast that you experience overspill.
  • Q. Would you recommend the No-Spill® gas can to family and friends?
    A. Yes I would. It is one of the best systems on the market – period.
No-Spill® Gas Can