Moto4Plus Spring 2018


Specially developed for four-stroke engines, the Moto4Plus engine fuel sets itself apart.
D-G80 Cutting Wheel Spring 2018

D-G80 Cutting Wheel

Diamond Wheel for Ductile Iron; A First for STIHL!
Raintec Waterproof Pant Spring 2018

Raintec Waterproof Pant

Polyurethane outer fabric for outstanding breathability, functionality and durability.
DuroFlex Rain Jacket Spring 2018

DuroFlex Rain Jacket

Check out the NEW modern, comfortable and weather-proof DuroFlex Rain Jacket available from STIHL at a very competitive price.
Advance X-treem Forestry Brushcutter Harness Spring 2018

Advance X-treem Forestry Brushcutter Harness

STIHL introduces the NEW ultimate clearing saw harness for forestry applications giving the user excellent adjustability, mobility, safety and comfort.
MotoMix<sup>®</sup> Spring 2018


MotoMix® is the ultimate choice for pre-mixed fuel. It’s a perfect worry-free 50:1 mix of 92 octane alkylate fuel with STIHL HP Ultra synthetic biodegradable engine oil.
LawnGrips<sup>®</sup> Spring 2018


For years, STIHL LawnGrips® have been the footwear of choice for professional landscapers and it’s not hard to understand why.
CF3 Carbon Fibre Trimmer Line Spring 2018

CF3 Carbon Fibre Trimmer Line

The durable and flexible composite CF3 Carbon Fibre Trimmer Line features a distinctive cruciform shape that delivers sharp cuts and optimal wear resistance.
Autocut<sup>®</sup> C 6-2 and AutoCut<sup>®</sup> C 26-2 LINE HEADS Spring 2018

Autocut® C 6-2 and AutoCut® C 26-2 LINE HEADS

Easy and fast loading of line without taking head apart.
Felco Hand Tools Spring 2018

Felco Hand Tools

All Felco loppers feature hardened steel blades with micrometric cutting adjustment.
Hearing Protection...Why It’s Important? Fall 2016

Hearing Protection...Why It’s Important?

The decibel (dB), which describes the relative intensity of a sound, is based on a scale containing values ranging from 0 – 194, with zero representing the weakest sound audible to humans.
STIHL Safety Glasses - Looking Cool but Working Safe Spring 2010

STIHL Safety Glasses - Looking Cool but Working Safe

Safety eyeglasses are critical in many work applications, i.e. forestry, construction and landscaping.