Winterizing 2-Stroke Outdoor Power Equipment with MotoMix<sup>®</sup>
Fall 2019

By properly winterizing your outdoor power equipment you can ensure it is ready for work come springtime. It is also an important process for the ongoing maintenance and longevity of the tool.

When regular fuel (most gasoline is mixed with 10% ethanol) is left in the gas tank over the course of the winter it can begin to break down, corrode and damage seals which ultimately leads to carburetor issue. This is one of the reasons we suggest using STIHL MotoMix® throughout the year and particularly for the winterizing process.

Follow these steps when winterizing:

  1. Take your 2-stroke outdoor power equipment to a well-ventilated area.
  2. Clean any gunk or debris from around the gas cap area (on the tool) with a shop towel.
  3. Empty the gas tank. You can do this by using a funnel to drain the fuel tank into an approved gasoline container or you may let the equipment engine run on idle until it is completely out of gas and stops.
  4. You can now pour a splash of STIHL MotoMix® into your 2-stroke outdoor power equipment’s gas tank.
  5. Start up the tool and let it run for a few seconds to ensure the MotoMix® has made it into the carburetor. Shut off the equipment and store in a dry, clean and preferably frost-free location.
  6. Winterizing is also an ideal time to give the tool a good cleaning (try STIHL’s NEW Varioclean multi cleaner) and possibly perform some other preventative maintenance. This can include slightly lubricating any moving metal parts or replacing dirty air filters and spark plugs.

By following these steps your outdoor power equipment will be ready to go when you are!