STIHL Safety Glasses - Looking Cool but Working Safe
Spring 2010

Safety eyeglasses sold in Canada must meet the CSA Z94.3 Class 1 (spectacles) standard for front and side impact. Certified safety eye glasses provide 99% protection from harmful ultra-violet rays and all certified eyeglass lens colours provide this same 99% ultra-violet protection including clear versions.

STIHL safety eyeglasses are all CSA approved and come in a variety of styles, lens types and price points. From the economical Virtua line-up to the top of the line Fuel 2 models, STIHL safety eyeglasses offer maximum protection, comfort and affordability.

STIHL safety eyeglasses are available in 15 different model and lens configurations to suit every need and fashion taste.

See your nearest STIHL Dealer today to ensure that you have CSA certified safety eyeglasses before heading to your job site. You’ll be glad you did!

Safety eyeglasses are critical in many work applications, i.e. forestry, construction and landscaping. For example, when using a STIHL brushcutter, the STIHL Owner’s Manual states, “To reduce the risk of injury from thrown objects, always wear a face shield and safety glasses.”