STIHL Proline - Fall 2021

Stihl THE DOG Fall 2021


If you ever have the opportunity to stop by Valley Chainsaw in Pemberton B.C., owned by Albert Bush, don’t be surprised if you are greeted by Stihl…the dog!
The Servicing Dealer Advantage Fall 2021

The Servicing Dealer Advantage

A spirit of partnership and mutual co-operation with servicing dealers has made STIHL what we are today: namely, the #1 Selling Brand in Canada.
What Should I Take Into Account When Choosing Hearing Protection Fall 2021

What Should I Take Into Account When Choosing Hearing Protection

Ear defenders should sufficiently keep out ambient noise, but should not totally blank out important sounds like horns, sirens and machine noises (overprotection).
Seasonal Preventative Maintenance Tips Fall 2021

Seasonal Preventative Maintenance Tips

One of the most commonly asked questions regarding outdoor power equipment is “How do I store my chain saw/grass trimmer/blower for winter?”.
Beware of STIHL Imposters and Fake Outdoor Power Equipment Fall 2021

Beware of STIHL Imposters and Fake Outdoor Power Equipment

STIHL is proud to be the number one selling brand of gasoline powered handheld outdoor power equipment in Canada.*
Pruning Basics Fall 2021

Pruning Basics

Have you had branches from trees or shrubs interfere with your mowing?
Proper Landscape Blowing Instructions Fall 2021

Proper Landscape Blowing Instructions

Recently, LS Training of London, Ontario produced a landscape blower training video which can be viewed by anyone, at no charge.
Investing in Strong Partnerships Fall 2021

Investing in Strong Partnerships

Our founder, Andreas Stihl once said: “A chain saw is only as good as the service behind it.
STIHL is PRO Battery Fall 2021

STIHL is PRO Battery

There has been a lot of buzz in the outdoor power equipment industry lately regarding lithium-ion battery products.
Ripping Chains Fall 2021

Ripping Chains

In the last number of years, we have seen more and more people cut their own lumber to reduce the cost of building materials and to produce live edge wood products.
The Charge is On Fall 2021

The Charge is On

As the saying goes, “a lot can change in ten years”. STIHL first joined the battery tool market in 2010 with the introduction of a battery-powered hedge trimmer, the HSA 65.
Quality or best price Fall 2021

Quality or best price

Today with the ever-increasing demands on our services and skills, we must depend heavily on the tools of our trade.
The Environment Fall 2021

The Environment

In-house development expertise: As one of the largest manufacturers of handheld power tools, STIHL is an expert when it comes to small engines.
Are you working efficiently? Fall 2021

Are you working efficiently?

Have you ever asked yourself if in fact you are working in the most efficient manner possible?
The Forgotten Wedge Fall 2021

The Forgotten Wedge

Have you ever had your chain saw get pinched part way through a cut?
Which chain is right for you? Fall 2021

Which chain is right for you?

STIHL RAPID™ Super (RS): STIHL RAPID™ Super is an extremely fast-cutting chain. Its cutter and tie strap design reduces vibration levels significantly while still utilizing the aggressive full-chisel design.