What Should I Take Into Account When Choosing Hearing Protection
Fall 2021

Ear defenders should sufficiently keep out ambient noise, but should not totally blank out important sounds like horns, sirens and machine noises (overprotection).

A residual rating of 75 to 79 dB(A) at the ear is ideal. Noise levels over 87 dB(A) are never permissible.

Ear defenders keep out external noise in different frequency ranges to different extents according to their design. These noise filtering characteristics are referred to as H, M and L (High, Medium, Low). The noise from STIHL chain saws and power tools can be described as mid to high-frequency. The M value therefore offers the most appropriate hearing protection.


Ear defenders need regular maintenance and cleaning to prevent skin irritation and other ear problems, and to keep them working effectively. The user information supplied with the product includes cleaning instructions, which you should follow carefully. Damaged pads should not be reused. In particular with combined hard hat + ear defenders, take care not to squash the pads in the ear defenders when storing them away after use.

Hearing Protection