The Charge is On
Fall 2021

As the saying goes, “a lot can change in ten years”. STIHL first joined the battery tool market in 2010 with the introduction of a battery-powered hedge trimmer, the HSA 65. Since then, battery technology has vastly improved and STIHL has become a leading manufacturer in the production of professional battery tools that service the landscape, forestry and construction industries.

As a company known for producing high quality professional gas tools, our progression into the battery tool market relied heavily on keeping our existing customer base happy with new innovative battery technology that did not sacrifice performance. Equipped with 36-volt high quality lithium cells, high amp-hour ratings and a lightweight simple design, the market for STIHL professional battery tools was set to grow and expand as the technology improved.

The surprising aspect was how quickly the technology and market evolved. STIHL’s initial offering of four tools, two batteries and one charger, expanded to a whopping thirty different tools, four chargers and nine batteries available in Canada within the last ten years. These new battery products are split into three categories focusing on small outdoor spaces (AI Line), medium sized properties (AK System), and of course, large properties and professionals (AP System).

With the rapid progression of the battery industry, STIHL continues to expand our offering of high-quality, premium handheld power equipment. We are committed to pushing the boundaries of performance and design and set new standards in the handheld battery power equipment industry.

The most shocking development, however, is the planned future development of this product group. In other words, “you ain’t seen nothing yet”! Expect the market to grow, expect the products to improve and expect STIHL battery tools to meet the needs of the professional customer for years to come.