Proper Landscape Blowing Instructions
Fall 2021

LS Training of London, Ontario produced a landscape blower training video which can be viewed by anyone, at no charge. Visit www.youtube.com/watch?v=c8msnCI9AYw. With the financial assistance of STIHL Canada and another outdoor power equipment company, plus the helpful input of Landscape Ontario and the Town of Oakville, the goal of the video is to make homeowners and the landscape trades aware of the proper use of blowers in a residential landscape setting.

“Sometimes there is a lack of awareness from blower users; excess noise, wrong hours of use, or improper use, like creating a dust storm, or blowing your mess onto someone else’s or public property. This understandably annoys neighbours or pedestrians. To the trade, the message is clear: be professional and courteous with blowers, or risk having this valuable tool regulated or even banned,” says Jay Murray of LS Training.

LS Training has a suite of landscape equipment training videos hosted on their unique Learning Management System at www.LSTraining.com.