The Servicing Dealer Advantage
Fall 2021

A spirit of partnership and mutual co-operation with servicing dealers has made STIHL what we are today: namely, the #1 Selling Brand in Canada. Our comprehensive and knowledgeable customer service sets us apart from all competitors, and in particular those who distribute their products via the non-servicing dealer. These standards and this partnership spirit will secure the future success of STIHL, and of all our mutual businesses.

STIHL Servicing Dealers provide expert advice to ensure that customers find STIHL products best suited to their needs, taking into account the customers’ special requirements, experience and the possibilities offered by the varied range of products available.

The STIHL Servicing Dealer provides guidance on the proper use, safe handling and care of the products. They will provide the product ready for operation and on request will also demonstrate its use.

A STIHL Servicing Dealer has a well-equipped workshop at their disposal complete with all the special tools required. They are able to professionally perform all maintenance, repair and warranty work.

Safety advice, guidance and customer service are all indispensable elements when it comes to selling high-quality, sophisticated STIHL products and that is why direct, personal contact between the servicing dealer and the customer is mandatory when selling STIHL.

STIHL Servicing Dealers only use original spare parts to service or repair STIHL products during the warranty period. This ensures that the quality of STIHL products remains the same as when they left the factory.