Spring 2018

MotoMix® is the ultimate choice for pre-mixed fuel. It’s a perfect worry-free 50:1 mix of 92 octane alkylate fuel with STIHL HP Ultra synthetic biodegradable engine oil. It will give your engine what it needs for performance and protection.

With no ethanol, you don’t have to worry about damaged seals or any other carburetor issues regular mixed fuel can cause.


STIHL MotoMix® 950 ML Can

7002 871 1404

STIHL MotoMix® 4 L Can

7002 871 1469

  • No ethanol
  • Contains far less harmful chemicals than conventional fuels
  • Pre-mixed for convenience
  • Perfect for winterizing all of your 2-stroke engines
  • 5 year unopened and 2 year open shelf life
  • Perfect for tools which may sit for long periods between use

Remember: Purchase one 4 L can or three 950 mL cans of MotoMix® with any STIHL powerhead and receive an extended warranty! See dealer for details.