STIHL Proline - Issue 19

Introducing the STIHL iMow<sup>®</sup> Robotic Mowers Spring 2018

Introducing the STIHL iMow® Robotic Mowers

Homeowners can enjoy more time relaxing and having fun while the lawn is being beautifully manicured for them by the iMow® robotic mower. The lawn is mowed quickly and efficiently at the time most convenient for the homeowner.
BGA 100 Battery Blower Spring 2018

BGA 100 Battery Blower

The STIHL BGA 100 is the first choice for professional users working in noise-sensitive areas. That’s because no other STIHL blower can offer a combination of so much power with such low noise levels.
AR 1000 & AR 3000 Backpack Batteries Spring 2018

AR 1000 & AR 3000 Backpack Batteries

Making light work of it – battery power from the backpack.
MS 261 C-M Chain Saw Spring 2018

MS 261 C-M Chain Saw

Higher performance with lower emissions – that‘s the STIHL 2-MIX engine. This 2-stroke engine with 2-MIX technology features a cylinder with four channel technology.
RB 400 Dirt Boss<sup>®</sup> & RB 600 Pressure Washers Spring 2018

RB 400 Dirt Boss® & RB 600 Pressure Washers

Built to last with premium pump components: Brass manifold design with stainless steel valves and ceramic-coated pistons
The Advantages of Alkylate Fuels Spring 2018

The Advantages of Alkylate Fuels

For years, STIHL, as an outdoor power equipment manufacturer, has been battling the ongoing challenges that come with using today’s gasoline in our handheld outdoor power equipment.
Team Rubicon Spring 2018

Team Rubicon

Team Rubicon is a nonprofit organization that rapidly deploys emergency response teams to communities affected by disasters worldwide.
STIHL TIMBERSPORTS<sup>®</sup> Series Spring 2018


The STIHL TIMBERSPORTS® Series is back in 2018 stronger than ever!
Moto4Plus Spring 2018


Specially developed for four-stroke engines, the Moto4Plus engine fuel sets itself apart.
Sawmill Sid Spring 2018

Sawmill Sid

Sawmill Sid Inc. are Urban Wood Specialists and are trailblazers in the Innovative, Sustainable, Social and Ecological solutions their company provides to urban wood waste.
Our EOA Sasquatch Story Spring 2018

Our EOA Sasquatch Story

Three years ago, a local London, ON rock and roll group called Bobnoxious recorded a song titled EOA (East of Adelaide).
We Need Your Skills Spring 2018

We Need Your Skills

It has been a much discussed topic as parents sit with their children and help them decide what career path they should follow.
D-G80 Cutting Wheel Spring 2018

D-G80 Cutting Wheel

Diamond Wheel for Ductile Iron; A First for STIHL!
Raintec Waterproof Pant Spring 2018

Raintec Waterproof Pant

Polyurethane outer fabric for outstanding breathability, functionality and durability.
DuroFlex Rain Jacket Spring 2018

DuroFlex Rain Jacket

Check out the NEW modern, comfortable and weather-proof DuroFlex Rain Jacket available from STIHL at a very competitive price.
Advance X-treem Forestry Brushcutter Harness Spring 2018

Advance X-treem Forestry Brushcutter Harness

STIHL introduces the NEW ultimate clearing saw harness for forestry applications giving the user excellent adjustability, mobility, safety and comfort.
MotoMix<sup>®</sup> Spring 2018


MotoMix® is the ultimate choice for pre-mixed fuel. It’s a perfect worry-free 50:1 mix of 92 octane alkylate fuel with STIHL HP Ultra synthetic biodegradable engine oil.
LawnGrips<sup>®</sup> Spring 2018


For years, STIHL LawnGrips® have been the footwear of choice for professional landscapers and it’s not hard to understand why.
CF3 Carbon Fibre Trimmer Line Spring 2018

CF3 Carbon Fibre Trimmer Line

The durable and flexible composite CF3 Carbon Fibre Trimmer Line features a distinctive cruciform shape that delivers sharp cuts and optimal wear resistance.
Autocut<sup>®</sup> C 6-2 and AutoCut<sup>®</sup> C 26-2 LINE HEADS Spring 2018

Autocut® C 6-2 and AutoCut® C 26-2 LINE HEADS

Easy and fast loading of line without taking head apart.
Felco Hand Tools Spring 2018

Felco Hand Tools

All Felco loppers feature hardened steel blades with micrometric cutting adjustment.
The TS 420 STIHL Cutquik<sup>®</sup> Spring 2018

The TS 420 STIHL Cutquik®

Whether your day calls for trimming pipes down to size or cutting curbs and expansion joints, we’re reinventing the wheel to get it done better.
The MS 201 T C-M Chain Saw Spring 2018

The MS 201 T C-M Chain Saw

With its compact construction, extremely low weight and optimal handling, the MS 201 T C-M chain saw demonstrates an impressive array of strengths, particularly when harvesting thin wood and trimming.
FS 91 R & FS 94 R Brushcutters Spring 2018

FS 91 R & FS 94 R Brushcutters

STIHL brushcutters feature power, fuel ef ciency and lasting durability – and they’re designed for heavy-duty tasks – from controlled trimming jobs to extended mowing applications.
The HSA 94 T Battery-Powered Hedge Trimmer Spring 2018

The HSA 94 T Battery-Powered Hedge Trimmer

Whether it’s pruning, trimming or shaping, the HSA 94 T cordless hedge trimmer enables professionals to get hedges, bushes and ornamental shrubs into shape quickly, neatly and quietly. The power, weight and ergonomics are tailored to the professional user.