AR 1000 & AR 3000 Backpack Batteries
Spring 2018
AR 1000

The NEW backpack battery AR 1000 has even more staying power. This powerful lithium-ion battery from the STIHL PRO cordless system has an energy content of 626 Wh – and together with the comfortable carrying system weighs a mere 5.5 kg (12.1 lb). The connection to the power tool for all the batteries is simply via a connecting cord into a socket on the unit. It is also equipped with a USB port to charge a cell phone.

AR 1000

AR 1000
Voltage 36 V
Battery Power 626 Wh
Battery Weight 4.1 kg/9 lb
Charging Time Up to 120 min (with AL 500)

AR 3000

The STIHL AR 3000 backpack battery delivers exceptional runtimes to professional landscapers and those with large acreage. Lightweight, comfortable shoulder straps, hip belt and chest strap distribute the weight evenly reducing operator fatigue – are all benefits to this specially designed backpack battery. Also, the operator can use the LED indicator lights to check battery charge status before starting a job. No more running out of power halfway through the job.

  • Longer running time for all STIHL cordless machines due to greater capacity
  • Compatible with all STIHL professional cordless units (with the exception of lawn mowers)
  • Harness system features back plate for improved comfort
  • Accessories available for customizable use within the STIHL lithium-ion system
  • Cable and detachable rain cover for all-weather usage
AR 3000

AR 3000
Voltage 36 V
Battery Power 1,148 Wh
Battery Weight 6.8 kg/15 lb
Charging Time Up to 160 min (with AL 500)

AR 1000 - Connecting Cable

Tools With a Connecting Cable

The connecting cable with a plug connects the STIHL AP or AR batteries with the tool. This means that the battery can be worn on the body to reduce the weight of the tool.

What Can You Do on a Single Charge?

True battery power is measured in watt-hours not voltage!

Watt-Hours (Wh) is the actual specification that will determine the amount of work that can be done over the course of an hour.