Team Rubicon
Spring 2018

Team Rubicon is a nonprofit organization that rapidly deploys emergency response teams to communities affected by disasters worldwide. In 2010, a team of veterans and medical professionals responded to an earthquake-struck Haiti and Team Rubicon was born. It became clear that military veterans are uniquely prepared to provide immediate emergency response and aid in the early hours of a disaster before larger relief organizations can get on the ground. In the fall of 2017, we launched our biggest operation to date. 2155 Team Rubicon volunteers deployed to Texas in the wake of Hurricane Harvey, potentially saving the communities they served 3.3 million dollars. Since the founding of the Team Rubicon network, we have deployed on over 220 operations around the world. With affiliates in Canada, Australia, Norway, UK and USA, we currently maintain a growing roster of over 70,000 veteran, first responder, and civilian volunteers who are ready to deploy at a moments notice.

Communities depend on Team Rubicon to return them to a sense of normalcy following disaster, and we insist on utilizing the best equipment and tools available to accomplish that. STIHL products are essential for our team when on a mission. As an official partner, STIHL provides our organization with valuable support and allows us to put donor dollars directly into aiding those in need. Thanks to STIHL we were able to launch our chain saw program within Canada, qualifying six new chain saw instructors. STIHL has provided the opportunity for our volunteers to expand their skill set to better serve communities affected by disaster both at home and abroad.

While disasters are our business, veterans are our passion. We are fortunate that through our work we are able to have a significant impact within the veteran community. Team Rubicon seeks to empower veterans through three principles: purpose, gained through disaster response; community, built by serving with others; and identity, created by joining a new mission. Uniting veterans, first responders and civilians as Team Rubicon volunteers promotes veteran reintegration and bridges the gap between military and civilian life.

With STIHL’s manufacturing of dependable equipment and Team Rubicon’s mission to help those who have suffered destruction, there is a natural synergy between the two organizations to help those who are in need. We are humbled by the support of STIHL and look forward to a long and successful partnership.

To learn more about Team Rubicon or to make a donation, visit www.teamrubiconcan.org.