The HSA 94 T Battery-Powered Hedge Trimmer
Spring 2018

Quiet Power for Professionals

HSA 94 T

Lithium Ion EC Motor

Whether it’s pruning, trimming or shaping, the HSA 94 T cordless hedge trimmer enables professionals to get hedges, bushes and ornamental shrubs into shape quickly, neatly and quietly. The power, weight and ergonomics are tailored to the professional user. Highlight of the model: the blade stroke rate can be individually adjusted via the control console and is kept at a constant level in operation by an active electronic control system, even on the toughest pruning jobs, regardless of the battery charge level.

The rugged cordless hedge trimmer HSA 94 T is a professional machine for day-long use in landscape, park and municipal area maintenance. It combines excellent cutting results with the benefits of cordless technology that can be used in rain and wet conditions. The HSA 94 T is emission-free and quiet in operation. Thanks to the low weight of 3.7 kg (8.2 lb) and the perfectly balanced ergonomics, this tool still sits comfortably in the hands even after an extended period of use. One especially practical feature is that it can be controlled equally precisely and effortlessly in side cutting and top cutting, thanks to the pivoted multi-function control handle.

Adjusting the blade stroke rate

The 3-stage adjustment on the control console allows the blade stroke rate to be adapted even more precisely for the task at hand. That also reduces battery usage and thus extends the running time. Meanwhile, the EC electric motor’s electronic system actively ensures that the blade stroke rate always remains constant, even on the most demanding pruning jobs. And should the blade ever get stuck on a tough branch, the EC motor’s rotation direction reversal feature releases the cutters automatically.

Equal cutting performance – as powerful as a gasoline machine

The HSA 94 T hedge trimmer is extremely powerful and rugged. In terms of cutting performance and durability, it is equal to gasoline-powered models. When it comes to weight, this cordless tool has the edge. Thanks to the external battery, it weighs 1.5 kg (3.3 lb) less than comparable gasoline hedge trimmers. That’s something the day-long user will appreciate.

HSA 94 T¥
Rated Voltage 36 V
Cutting Bar Length 24” (60 cm)
Weight 3.7 kg/8.2 lb
Battery Runtime (with AR 1000) 380/350/320 min
Battery Runtime (with AR 3000) 700/630/570 min
¥Note: This unit requires the purchase of an AP battery carrying system or an AR backpack battery.