BGA 100 Battery Blower
Spring 2018

Power that can be seen but not heard

BGA 100
BGA 100

Lithium Ion EC Motor

More power, more comfort, lower emissions.

The STIHL BGA 100 is the first choice for professional users working in noise-sensitive areas. That’s because no other STIHL blower can offer a combination of so much power with such low noise levels.

Perfect handling.

The STIHL BGA 100 will blow you away with its ergonomics and easy handling, plus three output levels and a boost function.

Benefits of the STIHL BGA 100.

Whether you’re removing leaves, garbage or cuttings, the STIHL BGA 100 will clear the way thanks to its enormous blowing power. It’s so quiet that you don’t require ear protection. Thanks to the innovative plug with connection cable of the AR 3000, the battery sits comfortably on your back rather than in the blower. As a result, not only is the BGA 100 perfectly ergonomic to hold, it’s surprisingly light too. After just one charge, the STIHL AR 3000 backpack battery provides the blower enough power to work for long periods of time and the belt system ensures comfort. The robust housing gives it a particularly long service life. One thing is crystal clear: the STIHL BGA 100 is the ultimate tool for municipal workers, landscapers and gardeners, or other people who work in facility management – rain or shine??.

??Can also be used in the rain. Observe the information labels on the device and in the owner’s manual.

High performance. Low noise levels.

Impressive blowing power: With an air throughput of 494 cfm in boost mode, the STIHL BGA 100 offers the greatest blowing power of any STIHL handheld blower. Three speeds and a boost function allow you to adjust the output to the task at hand for maximum energy efficiency.

Long running time: When combined with the STIHL AR 3000 backpack battery, each battery charge allows you to work for up to 100 minutes.

Quiet EC motor: With a maximum sound power level of just 56 dB(A), the STIHL BGA 100 is by far the quietest handheld STIHL blower.

Suitable for use without ear protection: Lower noise levels means that you can better hear ambient noises, increasing occupational safety and comfort.

Ergonomic design. Comfortable handling.

Innovative battery interface: The STIHL BGA 100 no longer has a battery slot; it is connected to the battery by an innovative connection cable, which is compatible with most STIHL cordless power system batteries (exception, RMA 370).

Lightweight: Just 2.5 kg/5.5 lb and perfectly balanced, the STIHL BGA 100 is particularly lightweight and comfortable to hold. Perfect for relaxed use all day long.

Adjustable blower tube length: Thanks to the three adjustable lengths, the blower tube can be set to suit the user’s body size, making work easier and preventing performance loss.

Comfortable accessories: When not using the device, you can attach the STIHL BGA 100 to the suspension unit on the support cushion and at hip height, so that it is close to your body during operation, which acts as an additional relief to the user.

BGA 100¥
Voltage 36 V
Weight 2.5 kg/5.5 lb
Air Volume 494 cfm
Runtime Up to 100 min (with AR 3000)
¥Note: This unit requires the purchase of an AP battery carrying system or an AR backpack battery.