STIHL Diamond Dry Cutting Wheels
Spring 2015

As we all know, the diamond wheel market is extremely competitive and we find ourselves searching for answers when we are asked what actually makes a STIHL diamond wheel ultimately a better value for today’s professional. Here are some reasons why STIHL diamond wheels are number one in the industry.

Let’s start with the diamonds used in the STIHL wheels. Only the highest quality diamonds are used in the segments. The quality of the diamond has a significant impact on the performance of the wheel. Not just the life of the wheel but the cut rate as well. Both are significantly increased with the use of the highest quality diamonds. Also, there is a consistent concentration of diamonds in the segments. All of this contributes to a higher level of heat resistance as well. This allows the wheel to stay in the cut longer and ultimately making the STIHL wheel a more productive cutting tool.

The STIHL diamond wheels also utilize a patented high density sintering process used to create the diamond segments. This involves using higher heat and pressure from both sides to create a denser, more uniform bond matrix than the competition. This patented process ensures that there are no voids in the bond matrix which could contribute to premature diamond loss. It also allows for better cooling of the segment, both of which means a longer wheel life.

We have talked about the diamonds used in the segments and the bond matrix that holds the diamonds. Another important element is the steel cores used in the STIHL wheels. Our hardened steel core provides durability over the life of the wheel and provides a smooth, precise cut every time. Additionally, all STIHL diamond wheels are tensioned for strength. The tensioning assures that the wheels will not bow or wobble. Wheels that are not tensioned, or are not tensioned properly, increase the risk of kickback. Many of the lower cost wheels on the market may not be tensioned. And it is also safe to say that quite a few are certainly not tensioned properly.

Each connection of the segment to the core is tested to verify the strength of the bond. Additionally, the gullets used on the STIHL diamond wheels are specially designed to remove heat and for fast slurry removal. All wheels are surface finished on the key hole to minimize the risk of cracking.

Lastly, all STIHL diamond wheels for cutting asphalt are manufactured using undercut protection which provides the necessary means to clear out the abrasive slurry during the cutting process to minimize the risk of undercutting and ultimately segment loss.

The net result of all of these features is that when compared to other brands, it is easy to see that STIHL is a market leader in durability and performance. In a competitive environment where you rely on these tools for your livelihood, you need a dependable wheel that can stand up to a wide range of tough cutting conditions. The expanding line of STIHL diamond wheels is just the tool you need, no matter how tough the job.

by Vince Wiley
National Sales Manager of Tyrolit Industrial Abrasives