Saw Chains for Every Occasion, Every Activity and Every Brand
Winter 2010

Origianl STIHL. Swiss Made.

Over 60 types of STIHL saw chains are manufactured in Wil, Switzerland ensuring that STIHL always has the perfect chain to match every imaginable job and performance class. Whether a full-time lumberjack or an occasional user, everybody can rely on the superior quality of a STIHL saw chain. Depending on the intended area of deployment, STIHL saw chains offer an optimal combination of cutting performance, reduced kickback and astonishingly low vibrations. Plus, the synergy of outstanding manufacturing quality and trailblazing technological innovations, such as the STIHL OILOMATIC® lubrication system, guarantees a long service life and therefore cost-effcient deployment.

That’s Why STIHL Saw Chains Set the Benchmark – Worldwide.