The MS 462 C-M Chain Saw
Spring 2019

The NEW MS 462 C-M chain saw is perfect for forestry workers and arborists. Its unique design makes it suitable for limbing, working on tough slopes and can meet all the demands of timber harvesting. Knowing that every gram counts, these saws offer a superb power-to-weight ratio for workers who are in the woods all day long.

Equipped with STIHL’s impressive M-Tronic™ fully electronic engine management system, which regulates the ignition timing and fuel supply. This system ensures optimal engine performance, constant maximum speed and excellent acceleration. There is only one start position on the Master Control Lever™. The M-Tronic™ system has the ability to electronically distinguish between a cold or warm start. This ensures that the fuel flows in the exact amount required. When you turn off the machine, the Master Control Lever™ automatically jumps back into the operating position due to the stop button function. This results in a particularly simple start after a short break from work.

Other benefits include a 20% reduction in fuel consumption and 50% fewer exhaust emissions than a standard two-stroke engine. These quality-made saws will improve output and assist with accomplishing every task.

  • Instant acceleration due to optimized ignition and electronically controlled carburetion - calibration within 72 seconds from the start of the machine (without sawing)
  • High torque in wide speed range - Optimum combustion and high efficiency
  • HD2 air filter with radial seal - Better filter effect against fine dust particles
  • Ematic™ S oil pump - Infinite regulation of the oil flow
  • BALANCED and LIGHTWEIGHT - Optional STIHL ROLLOMATIC® ES light guide bar, more compact chain sprocket cover and crankcase, and weight-optimized flywheel
  • Improved ergonomics - Bumper spike to grip the timber better, as well as flatter and narrower chain sprocket cover with integrated bumper strips and cutting sight to assist with felling and limbing

MS 462 C-M
MS 462 C-M
Displacement 72.2 cc
Power Output 4.4 kW
Weight 6.0 kg/13.2 lb
Weight with powerhead only.
MS 462 C-M

M Tronic    Swiss Made

NOTE: The MS 462 C-M VW, Arctic™ version with a heated handle and carburetor, is also available.