The SawmillSid Team - LIVE EDGE
Fall 2018

With over 15 years of operation, the SawmillSid Team has discovered various items when sawing a log in half. From golf balls, anvils, Superman figurines, bicycle parts, to the most common, nails, screws and fences. And stihl, they forge onward, when most sawyers would stop unveiling the hidden beauty.

The one thing that remains consistent is that every log is unique. The beauty of every log piece is unveiled when placed and split open by the sawmill. Each having a story to tell. SawmillSid is not the first to mill live edge and they will certainly not be the last. However, SawmillSid works entirely with environmentally sourced logs from the urban canopy, like The Davey Tree Company and many local arborists. Working with like-minded tree-felling companies who believe in the SawmillSid environmental way of thinking. At times, SawmillSid requires the use of a chain saw. When large logs need to be removed from a backyard or any closed-in area, SawmillSid uses their companion, the STIHL chain saw. The quality of STIHL’s chain saws is top-notch.

Sid Gendron of SawmillSid is legendary in the portable sawmill industry and is known right across North America. Sid is quick to say that without the strong partnerships of his wife Sheila (collaboration and business specialist) and daughter Sacha (social media guru), the business would not be what it is. It takes a team to make good things happen.

Live edge is the craze of the day. It is used for just about everything from bar tops, tables, tree forts, stairs, locker rooms and much more. If you can dream it, the SawmillSid Team can build it!

SawmillSid Inc.

by Sidney Gendron
Owner & President, SawmillSid Inc.