KMA 130 R Battery KombiSystem
Spring 2019

Compatible with the STIHL KombiTools

The latest addition to the STIHL lithium-ion line-up of battery-powered products is the versatile KMA 130 R KombiSystem tool. Grass and hedge cutting, tidying paths and open spaces, pruning trees, loosening soil, blowing leaves and debris can all be completed effortlessly and efficiently with the KMA 130 R. The KMA 130 R features a commercial-grade brushless motor for optimal performance and durability for a virtually maintenance-free service life. Thanks to its lighter weight and ergonomic loop handle, the KMA 130 R provides more comfort for the user, which means less operator fatigue.

The NEW cordless KombiEngine KMA 130 R can be equipped with 13 proven STIHL KombiTools via a practical quick-action coupling, without requiring tools, to convert it into a brushcutter, hedge trimmer, blower or pole pruner, in no time at all.

Powerful and Quiet

The KMA 130 R combines swift completion of work with the benefits of cordless technology. It starts simply by touching a button; it is emission-free and quiet in operation. It is ideal for use in noise-sensitive places, such as within the vicinity of hospitals and cemeteries or in residential areas.

Speed Selection

The KMA 130 R has three power settings giving it plenty of endurance and the ability to adapt to any task. This ensures energy-efficient operation and guarantees longer battery runtimes. The LED display easily shows the selected speed.

External Batteries Save Effort

The KMA 130 R takes its energy from one of the powerful 36 V lithium-ion batteries in the STIHL PRO cordless power system. All the batteries in the system are compatible and the user carries the battery either in a belt bag or in a backpack carrying system. The backpack batteries in the STIHL AR range, which have a very high-energy content, are available for all-day use. The connection to the power tool is simply a connecting cord via a socket on the KombiEngine. Carrying the battery close to the body on the belt or on the user’s back reduces the overall power tool weight that has to be supported and thus makes operation perceptibly easier.

KMA 130 R

Lithium Ion EC Motor

KMA 130 R
Rated Voltage 36 V
Weight 3.2 kg/7.0 lb
Weight without battery.
KMA 130 R