Not All Trimmer Line is Created Equal
Spring 2010

Key Advantages of STIHL Trimmer Line


STIHL trimmer line is only manufactured at the premier, company-owned facility in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Using proprietary manufacturing techniques exclusive to STIHL, trimmer line is produced using top quality material and subject to extensive quality testing before being shipped to the customer. You can rely on STIHL trimmer line to provide consistent high performance with each and every spool.


STIHL’s use of high-quality, blended polymers produce line that is extremely abrasion resistant, durably elastic, melt-proof and available in a variety of cross sections and thicknesses. STIHL trimmer line does not use hyped marketing additives such as titanium or graphite as extensive end-user testing has proven that these superficial additives increase the brittleness of the line without improving the overall durability.


Smooth outer surfaces with consistent outside diameters prevent line head jamming and maximizes your working time between windings. STIHL’s high performance extrusion manufacturing line with precision machined dies ensures uniform cross sections that produce the ultimate in grass cutting performance.

STIHL Quality – A Cut Above

Professional landscapers face a wide range of ground maintenance challenges every day and they need a complete set of reliable tools to quickly finish their work. Trimmer line is often an overlooked accessory that is an essential part of the package. You trust STIHL to produce the highest quality outdoor power equipment, but did you know STIHL applies the same standards of quality and reliability to trimmer line. Every detail of STIHL trimmer line is optimized for excellent cutting in any environment.

Tech Tip for Trimmer Line:

During winter storage, trimmer line can age, become brittle or dry. This may result in poor working performance in the first spring cut. Trimmer line that has lost moisture due to extended storage can be submerged in water overnight. This may help revitalize the line and improve its life and performance.