Precise trimming tasks made easy
Spring 2020


HSA 25
HSA 25

When it comes to touching up your trimming job or performing detailed cutting, turn to the HSA 25 battery-powered shrub shears. The HSA 25 combines ease of use with precision accuracy. The HSA 25 is lightweight with a rubberized handle for user comfort and secure grip. It features two attachments – grass shear and shrub shear – to meet specific trimming needs.

The HSA 25 is ideally suited to maintain and contour small-leaved ornamental trees, shrubs and evergreen hedges. The grass shear is perfect for trimming lawn edges. With runtimes of up to 110 minutes on a single charge, the HSA 25 allows landscapers to complete tasks with clean, fast and efficient cuts. This product is the first STIHL tool designed for detail-oriented trimming tasks and is perfect for urban or suburban communities that have noise bylaws. The HSA 25 comes in a kit which includes a battery, charger, two cutting attachments and a carrying case for convenient transportation and storage.

Voltage 10.8 V
Weight 0.9 KG/2.0 LB
Unit of energy 21.6 WH
Grass Blade Length 4.3"/11 CM
Shrub Blade Length 6.7"/17 CM
Battery RunTime up to 110 MIN
Removable battery.

Telescopic Shaft
4515 710 7100
Telescopic Shaft - 4515 710 7100

Ideal for edging around smaller lawns. The telescopic shaft allows you to work with the HSA 25 (with grass blade attachment only) while standing up. The telescopic shaft is adjustable from 37" – 43" (95 – 110 cm) and the working angle is also adjustable through 125°. Includes smooth-running wheels.

Battery Power. Made by STIHL.