What is the STIHL Brand?
Fall 2020

This brand essence model depicts the fundamentals of the STIHL brand in every aspect. It provides clear answers to questions about the brand’s character, capabilities and profile. The brand essence is the basis for a relevant, consistent, unique, forward looking and internationally viable brand positioning.


"Things are only worth what one makes them worth." Jean-Baptiste Molière

Professional. Professionalism means getting the best results by relying on experience and passion to face challenges effectively and efficiently.

Not for everyone. STIHL is a brand for demanding and quality-conscious consumers. STIHL purposefully avoids catering to market segments that are strictly guided by price.

Confident and powerful. STIHL products confidently deliver power which allows people to work precisely and efficiently. The same goes for the STIHL Company and its market profile.

Reliable and loyal. Every one of our products is proof of our reliability. We also see ourselves as our customers’ dependable and loyal partners.

Down-to-earth yet cosmopolitan. STIHL respects its German roots and exercises an ideal balance of regional and global engagement.

Sophisticated and innovative. STIHL’s engineers develop advanced procedures, technologies and products with inventiveness and imagination. Every STIHL innovation is perfected down to the finest detail and is only introduced onto the market after a long series of tests and improvements.


"Nothing worthwhile was ever achieved by one who did not set out to achieve the extraordinary." Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach

World market leader. As the world‘s leading manufacturer of chain saws and power tools, we take on the challenges of the world market. Instead of seeking short-term success, we focus on our customers and endeavour to uphold our values.

Uncompromising professional quality. At STIHL, uncompromising quality means: understanding the customer and consistently meeting their requirements. STIHL products and processes set the standards in their field.

German engineering excellence. Thoroughness and the pursuit of perfection have characterized STIHL ever since the company was first established. STIHL manufacturers operate worldwide according to the same high standards that also apply to matters of environmental protection and work safety.

User-friendly products. At STIHL, the user is always a top priority. Every STIHL product is developed and examined with one aim in mind – to offer the greatest degree of safety, ergonomic comfort and environmental-friendliness possible. Only technology that has proven its worth in practical tests is awarded the STIHL name.

Sustainable partnerships. We regard our specialist dealers as partners who fulfil an integral role in our business processes. The long-term bonds that ensue from these partnerships help us to constantly improve our business.

Personal advice and expert service. Only a specialist dealer can satisfy STIHL‘s high standards of quality. They are the only retailers guaranteed to provide professional service and personal advice, including instruction on the proper usage of STIHL products.