The STIHL Advantage Trained Technicians
Spring 2010

In this era of disposable diapers, lighters and water bottles, it seems that you purchase a product, use it until an issue arises, then throw it out only to buy a new one. While at first glance this “I get a new product” mentality seems like a great idea, it has many implications to the overall lifetime product cost and the damaging environmental factors that can’t be easily quantified. To counter that unsustainable mindset, STIHL places a high value on the fact that STIHL power tools are fully repairable and STIHL Dealers have access to replacement parts for a minimum of ten years after your purchase. STIHL believes a core strength of the brand is that customers receive great value and service whenever they visit a STIHL Dealership.

Several years ago, STIHL Canada launched one of the most comprehensive technical training programs in the industry. The program is called Service Advantage. The goal of this groundbreaking program is to fully train dealership technicians to properly diagnose and repair any difficulties you may encounter with a STIHL product. This fundamental task may seem easy enough, however, the rapid change in engine technologies, new fuel management systems and advanced emission control systems make repair work no small feat.

The program begins with “Basics and Beyond”. This starter program consists of two days of instruction where all basic systems used on STIHL products are covered at a core level. This program is designed to provide a solid foundation to build on in future courses.

To achieve the highest classification in the Service Advantage program “Master Service Technician” Dealer participants must attend an additional two-day program. During this intense hands-on course, attendees explore advanced topics in operation, testing and repair of STIHL products. Master Service Technicians that pass the final examination leave having perfected new methods of troubleshooting and repair, so your downtime away from the jobsite is kept to a minimum.

STIHL Master Service Technicians are required to attend an Advanced Update School each year to ensure they continue to hone their diagnostic skills and remain at the top of industry advancements. STIHL factory-trained technicians are well equipped to serve the needs of you, the customer.

Your local STIHL Dealership proudly displays award plaques representing the training that team members have obtained. STIHL Dealership technicians provide industry leading customer service both before and after the sale. They are trained and eager to serve you. This is the STIHL Advantage.